We are 9 students from the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzlia, Israel. We started a project in the miLAB, the IDC’s media innovation lab. Our project is designated to show users the face of tomorrow’s city. Equipped with Augmented Reality technology, our mobile application will be able to preview city dwellers the future plans for buildings, parks, community centers and much more. The combination of the most up to date technology and the passion to foresee the future will give users a whole new world to encounter while being in the city.
From here on we will document our journey (and show you what we have done so far) to the final product. You are most welcomed to join us.
Team Flash>>Forward
סוף 2012 076
This is us (7 out of 9, left to right):
Assaf Muller
Bea Faran
Emanuel Kleinman
Danielle Lotem
Esti Tamano
Itamar Meushar
Noam Cohen (and Anat the translator)
Missing: Ronnie Spandorf and Noam Slomianko


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