A meeting in the city hall

Hello followers,
Wednesday, 23.1, we went to meet the city hall worker who’s incharge of future building plans. The FlashForward members were Ziv, Noam S, Assaf and Itamar. We showed them our presentation and went through all the important subjects of the project. To sum it up, we have got a lot of work ahead of us, and many people in the city hall we got to meet and work with.
We did make a significant progress, and we recieved a list of future projects which we’ll present at the final presentation day at the end of the semester. Now all that’s left is to ask every architect for his premission to use his simulation in our presentation.
We went home pleased, and started our exams period.


Late post- Design Studio Meeting

The semester is over, and we had little time to write (and we’ll have little time in the coming month as well) but we’re still working on the project. So this is a late post telling you about the design meeting we had with Hamuztim studio crew. They are the guys who’ll help us by designing the app for us. We have given them information about what screen do we want to see first, some things that inspire us and a general explanation about the app, and they’ll start working on making Flash>>Forward become an actual app (and a beautiful one). This is our picture (Left to right:Danielle, Itamar, Bea, Emanuel) in their beautiful studio.
And some view from the studio balcony (ig):

Post presentation mood

Presentation short film about the use of the app
This is the film we presented to show the audience at the final presentation of the first semester (midyear presentation). The credits go to Bea and Itamar for doing a great work, and also to Ben Michaeli and Rely Wafner Meron.

And these are some pictures from behind the scenes:
1 4 5 24 IMG_2257 IMG_2276 IMG_2285 IMG_2294

This is the video of our final presentation (15m long), courtesy of our talented presentor Assaf Muller.

sorry about the hold up- took a while to upload this big video. Hope you’ll like it.

Midweek update- toward the final presentation

This week has been packed with work for the Flash>>Forward crew. Everybody takes part in a big effort to hand out a proper presentation on Wednesday. Myself, Assaf and Danielle sat down yesterday to go through final details in the presentation and for Assaf to make a little rehearsal, just as a warm up.
IMG_2172[1] IMG_2174[1] IMG_2173[1]
Today our to oscar winning directors made a short film for us, depicting the use of the application. Bea and Itamar used the persona that we chose to work with in our app, Sigalit, which is pregnant and engaged and looking for an apartment. Which means, they were acting a couple looking for an apartment in the streets of Tel-Aviv. We even got the pictures to prove it.
Adorable, Yet a bit disturbing.
No wombs were harmed during the filming.

Getting ready and excited towards Wednesday, and the end of the semester.
The Flash>>Forward Crew

Work, work, work: paper prototype and tech demands document

Last week Bea was incharge of testing her friends with our product. That was done using a Paper Prototype: hand sketched models that expose the product to the participants, so they can reflect and give their opinion about the design and user interface of the future product. This Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) testing is made out to help the developers understand the feelings of the users trying the first prototype of the product. Here are some pictures Bea took from these tests:

IMG_2080IMG_2081IMG_2082IMG_2083IMG_2084IMG_2085תמונה (1)תמונה

Well, Bea has done some great work, besides the fact that she’s running the kindergarten, or in other words managing the project.

And now, for something completely different:

Our legendary development\programing crew (of two people) has sat down on a final technology demands document, towards the end of the semester and the big presentation we have next week. This is what they were up to:
IMG_2110 IMG_2111
Noam S’, or by his real name: Noam Ass, working hard on the document.
So this is what were up to recently (and much more). Soon to come are two short videos made with “PowToon”, a wonderful tool for live presentations. They will be used in the final presentation we got planned for next week.

Flash>>Forward Team

2.1.2013- class and design meeting

Yesterday in class we had a new simulation complimentary of our wonderful programmers. This is how it looks like (Noam S’s phone):
IMG_2076 We sat down with Ziv and spoke about the previous week: what we achieved, what was done and what is still to be done. The highlight was us meeting Hamutzim studio, the design studio with which we’ll work on our app. We presented the app’s mock-ups to them, and showed them our inspiration elements – a 3D glass square, neon lights, the scrolling technology from the movie “Minority Report” and other elements.
in two week we have to perform the final presentation to our dean, the head of interactive communications specialization and other important people who makes you feel stressed out and secretly criticized when your handing out a presentation. But I’m sure we’ll do just fine.

New Year’s eve on Flash Forward

New year’s eve– working hard in Bea’s apartment on the app’s design.

Noam’s trying to understand the MRD (Marketing Requirements Document) while everyone is concerned with design…

Dani’s the head designer (hand), while Bea is bugging Itamar

Good new for us today: Tel-Aviv municipality informed us that they will be glad to cooperate with our app and support us along the way. Very happy to hear that! 🙂

Noam arrived late to the meeting… just when it ended. What did he do with the Lambrosco bottles he bought?