Deep into the second semester- closing in on an app

This week’s class was about some very important topics. We are now trying to finalize a first version of the app, so that we can present it in mid May. The development crew has made some serious progress, and yet there is still lots of work to be done. The simulated future buildings seem like they are not attached to the ground, plus we have a problem with setting the right distance between the simulated building and the viewing user.

Design: last week we received the final model of the application from Hamutzim studio, the IDC’s miLAB official designers. This is what it looked like (this is just the main screen of the app, and it will be the model for the rest of it) :
(Taken from Danielle’s iPhone)

Another important issue is the final presentation promotion video. We are now gathering ideas from the group and one of them will be processed into a script, storyboard and then an actual short film that will help us market the great app we’re working on.

See you in the next post, Flash>>Forward team!


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