Flash Forward

Who Are We?

We, the Flash Forward team are third year undergraduate students at the Sammy Offer School of Communications at the IDC -The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel.

As part of the final project of the Interactive Media Program we were divided at the beginning of the academic year into teams consisting of nine students each, in order to develop a winning project. Our team includes seven students from the Department of Communications: Bea, Emmanuel, Esther, Itamar, Noam, Ronnie, and I (Danielle) as well as two students from the Computer Sciences Department, Noam and Assaff.

Some of us knew each other previously, but not very well. Thus, we decided to have a team evening together in order to get to know each other better and to better understand how each one of us operates. Very quickly we were able to form into a winning team – each one different; each one bringing a specific added value to the group, creating a multiplicity of opinions, with some disagreements but mostly conducting productive work.

The Process

We began to think in which direction we wished to take our project. Each student raised two ideas that were personally interesting to him/her whether it was an idea that already existed and could be further developed or a new idea based on recent new developments. Unfortunately, we were unable to agree on a project that everyone approved and thus sat for hours frustrated trying to come up with new ideas we could all agree on.

At the beginning of the semester we were the group behind – all the other groups had settled on an idea and were already working on it. We however decided not to compromise and to search for something revolutionary!

Every Sunday at 8 am we all got together for a brainstorming session. After weeks of despair where all sorts of ideas were thrown around we finally came up with an idea that set us on fire – FlashForward


We took the technology that we all loved and wanted to work with – Augmented Reality. We added the dimension of looking to the future and thought about a business model and how to market it. Throughout the process we constantly kept in mind the idea of protecting the environment and improving the urban experience.

After extensive market survey and after inspection with the Tel-Aviv municipality, we came to realize that there was a real need for people to see how their future surroundings will look like and how these will change or affect their way of life. Most people do not go to databases accessible to the population because these are complicated and unclear.

According to the survey, it was determined that the target audience will mostly be young families, young couples interested in purchasing  and investing in an apartment, and wanting  to know what other real estate developments are planned for the area.

How does it work?

The application will work in the following manner:  it will open directly in the camera mode and using the Augmented Reality technology future projects will appear in a three dimensional simulation, on the existing landscape. Thus, one will be able to actually see and feel how the area will look like in the future. Naturally, additional information and details regarding the projects can be obtained through the app.

Where Are We Today?

Content – We recently contacted the Tel-Aviv municipality, presented them our idea and the existing benefits for them should they decide to take part in our project. Fortunately, they were enthusiastic and decided to join us on our endeavor. However, it is important to note that there is a lot of work ahead and there are many authoritative sources and approvals to be gotten.

Design – We are currently working with an external designing company ‘Hamutzim’ in order to bring our vision for the app to life.

Tech – We hope to have a first version of the app soon.



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