Microsoft presentation

Sunday was a big day for Flash>>Forward: we presented our product to the Microsoft employees who are in charge of the competition that will send one of the miLAB studio or HCI teams to Redmon, Washington, to a worldwide expo of leading products. We have sent Assaf, our gifted presenter, to show Microsoft what we’re all about.
They presentation went very well, and it will have a second part in which we will demonstrate how Flash>>Forward really works in the 27th-28th of May. In the end of May the winner will be announced. We are looking forward to winning and going to Redmond!

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And there is our promotion video for the app, starring Emanuel and Esther, enjoy:


Mid semester presentation

Last Wednesday we had yet another presentation, given by Assaf, to the whole class, the miLAB mentors and Oren Zuckerman, the head of the interactive department. Apart for some marginal comments, the agreement was that the presentation was done well.
After the presentations we discussed the short commercial for the app, which was shot last Saturday and now is being edited, and our marketing program, headed by Noam C, which is rolling quickly.
Here are some photos from the presentation, and the important slides (the video of the presentation will be uploaded here soon):
slide1 slide2 slide3 slide4

Noam S

Noam S

The lovely Danielle and Itamar

The lovely Danielle and Itamar


Assaf getting warmed up for the presentation

Assaf getting warmed up for the presentation

Deadline postponed, progress made

So this Wednesday we were informed officially that we will not be presenting the final product in mid May, but instead the final presentation will be postponed to the beginning of June, which gives us time yet still doesn’t take away much of the pressure. We are working on our short commercial for the final presentation, which we’ll film next week, hoping to be done with the editing and the other processes ASAP. We also got to see a very impressive simulation of the most updated version of Flash>>Forward. It looks very promising and there was definitely a serious progress made there. Hurray to development!
We are also working together on the marketing program for the app, lead by Noam Cohen, our marketing manager. We have opened a new Facebook page, and other marketing steps are soon to be made, just to tell the world about this great app we are creating here.
This is the link to our Facebook page, opened by our lovely Esti:
And here are some pictures from the Wednesday demonstration of the product, so you can also enjoy:
Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-17-41 Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-20-44 Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-20-53 Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-22-58 Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-23-15 Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-23-34 Screenshot_2013-04-03-11-24-40

Deep into the second semester- closing in on an app

This week’s class was about some very important topics. We are now trying to finalize a first version of the app, so that we can present it in mid May. The development crew has made some serious progress, and yet there is still lots of work to be done. The simulated future buildings seem like they are not attached to the ground, plus we have a problem with setting the right distance between the simulated building and the viewing user.

Design: last week we received the final model of the application from Hamutzim studio, the IDC’s miLAB official designers. This is what it looked like (this is just the main screen of the app, and it will be the model for the rest of it) :
(Taken from Danielle’s iPhone)

Another important issue is the final presentation promotion video. We are now gathering ideas from the group and one of them will be processed into a script, storyboard and then an actual short film that will help us market the great app we’re working on.

See you in the next post, Flash>>Forward team!

So much work, so little time!

So we have begun the second semester of the third and final year of our communication studies. Now that the final presentation has been scheduled earlier, due to the fact that we’re presenting at the Digital event in Tel Aviv in two months, and that means the pressure is up and things must be happening quickly. We’ve begun to think of ideas for a final movie presentation for the event, and obviously development and content has started to work hard to push Flash>>Forward, well, forward.
Here are some picture from our last version of the app, hope you’ll like it:
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A meeting in the city hall

Hello followers,
Wednesday, 23.1, we went to meet the city hall worker who’s incharge of future building plans. The FlashForward members were Ziv, Noam S, Assaf and Itamar. We showed them our presentation and went through all the important subjects of the project. To sum it up, we have got a lot of work ahead of us, and many people in the city hall we got to meet and work with.
We did make a significant progress, and we recieved a list of future projects which we’ll present at the final presentation day at the end of the semester. Now all that’s left is to ask every architect for his premission to use his simulation in our presentation.
We went home pleased, and started our exams period.

Late post- Design Studio Meeting

The semester is over, and we had little time to write (and we’ll have little time in the coming month as well) but we’re still working on the project. So this is a late post telling you about the design meeting we had with Hamuztim studio crew. They are the guys who’ll help us by designing the app for us. We have given them information about what screen do we want to see first, some things that inspire us and a general explanation about the app, and they’ll start working on making Flash>>Forward become an actual app (and a beautiful one). This is our picture (Left to right:Danielle, Itamar, Bea, Emanuel) in their beautiful studio.
And some view from the studio balcony (ig):